Unloved And Set Free.

Why from my letters do you not answer? ...
In your heart, do i appear a disasterous cancer?
Will you hide from me until my dying day? ...
Will this heart breaking game, continue, you'll play?
Stay in my mind, like a rerun tv series, play the same
episode-sadly day to day?
You cheated on me with John Phillip Scott...
I did not cheat on you, but now pride is all i've got.
What does he have, that attracts him to your heart?
Has he lied to you? , Is that his skillful honed art?
You puntured my love, like a balloon shaped heart...
You've hurt me bad, with your long hateful, pointy sharp, love deflating
It's plain to me to see, you've gotten over me...
Like a wounded animal caught in a bear trap, Your heated, hatred
unapologetically has set me unloved and free.

by Michael Gale

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