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I am just a person
with the worst luck of all.
Now I'm going to take the time
and do some recall.

I'd let someone stay with me
and they would rob me blind.
Loan my car to a friend;
hubcap could not find.

Hired someone to do some work;
disappeared without a clue.
Have a project half-way done,
I know not what to do.

I put my kettle on to boil;
really needed cup of tea.
Stove no spark, gas had run out.
Change the tank? Too dark for me.

Had a special weekend planned;
it was a dream come true.
The day before I was to leave
I came down with the flu.

Brought my flow'rs 3000 miles
and planted them with care.
Crazy weed-whack kid I hired
came through, now garden bare.

Just arrived at my new home
Went to have the water on
and what to my surprise!
All the pipes were gone.

Brought my bathtub from NY
to put in my new house.
One week later it was gone,
stolen by some louse.

After reading all this stuff,
I'm getting so depressed
I don't think you really want
to hear all of the rest!

by Terry Hoffman

Comments (2)

You write with humor about the worst luck ever. Nice flow and good rhymes. I hope from now on your luck changes for the better. Thanks for the comment on my poem.
Funny poem. I hope none of it is true....10