On The Myth Of Loving Without Expectations

[...] c'est cela l'amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier, sans espoir de retour. [...]

The many a humans
hold that love is true only when
Love is without expectations
of anything in return
- A difficult resolution like the
Fire Suicides of the Buddhists

Suicide, I say, because the idea is
good to indulge in
but never easy to execute

[Abstinance is easy only when you are impotent]

You can go ahead and have that resolution
[like the many you have had throughout
years on the New Years' Eve]
but you will never be good enough to be
so stoic - this fantasy of yours is an empty vessel

For let us be honest - my dear friend - to
expect no expectations in love is an expectation
in itself

A paradoxical resolution
that you, me - we - will never achieve.

Souren Mondal
November 6,2015

by Souren Mondal

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