Unmeasurable Love

My love for you was not an illusion
it was as pure as the crystals of faith.

I lived in hopes and dreams to be with you
It was as shinning as morning breeze to the sunny skies.

I stood alone in my faith to love you
It was as clear as a full moon in a dark night.

I never feared your love will fade away
I was as sure as the rising sun to the empty wide skies.

All the love is a history to you now
It was always true to me as much as it never did to you.

Yet you left me wailing and crying
I never left you as much as you did for once even.

It doesn't hurt me to see you away now
Although it was as terrible as death coming to me.

You don't remember my name, it's not strange
It was shown the way you left me as soon as I asked you.

I asked you to you to bring me back my heart
It wasn't as easy for me as to you breaking it.

I hurt you may be but loved you deeply, too
It's unmeasurable as much as you're unaware of me now.

by Asma Khan

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splendid piece of writing. We all have the ability to love deeply and honestly but some times we are not given the same in return.... I liked it.