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Unplanned, Unwanted, Unfortunate Event, Unlove, Un-.............

Born from hate and alcohol
I was just a mistake
unfortunate event
Unwanted and unloved
And always to remain the same
Why could I have not been born in to a loving home
With at least on carrying and stable adult
At least than I would have had a fighting chance

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Hi QOP, None of that really matters you know. Its not the greatest start in life but you can be strong and rise above it all. One day you can give your own kids all the love an care you missed out on. You still have a fighting chance but you have to be strong and not look to the dark side all the time. You are a good writer and you have found a good outlet for your anger. Don't let it all go to waste use it to better yourself and show everyone how you can arise from adversity. Take care and have fun, Kind regards, David