RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

Unproductive Lives

Looking around, noticing many details that others miss in
their daily lives, wasting time chasing after dreams and
letting them get away, because of other people keeping them
in stagnant pools of unproductive lives.

Doing so in order to give themselves plush and comfortable
lives at our expense, why do we accept the guidance and con-
trol of others over ourselves? we are each capable of learning
and doing what needs to be done.

Why create a comfortable life for others who tell us what to do?
does it make sense at all to anyone to be a slave, not ever attain-
ing their own dreams because they are helping bosses, senators and congressmen, etc. to keep control and power over us.

Keeping us downtrodden as slaves, giving us very little in re-
turn for a lifetime of service at work or even just living,
electing people to represent us,yet they never do, they only
keep us down.

Once they get into office, never representing us just placing
more rules, laws and regulations upon us to keep us from going
off on our own without them for if we did, we'd break the ties
of slavery they have on us.

Allowing us to live a good and prosperous life ourselves, in-
stead of giving it to them. what good is that to we Americans,
I ask you or anyone from any country.

Get out from the yoke of slavery our governments have put on us, break free and live the way you were born to be, free and inde-
pendent, there is no need to be a follower any longer, just take
hold of your lives and live them fully.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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