Unquenched Emotions

Poem By Martin Byrne

To stare into a swamp of a face
Bogged with lily pads
And tainted with twin waterfalls
Cascading down the soft curvatured plane
Too hold steadfast in front of a stonier face
Lines quaking with earthen anger
Holding back the tide
Like a fault line ready to slide
To falsely skip down the road
Unhappy hand in hand with happiness
Continuing with the intention of protecting
Staving off the developing devil, that is your gut
Pang of wrongness shooting
Like pain through the nervous system
With each shared moment, word, smile
Knowing your day to be the bad person draws nearer
Unsteady certainty, comes the confession of un-love
The unraveled cord from the beginning of
The time line, caught up
And so the rope we tangled, has untwined
With calculated steps
We measure the choices we make going forward
Such is the burden of a lover
With unquenched emotions and wonder

Comments about Unquenched Emotions

Ahhh son, just a pleasure to ready your verse. I really like this, long may you write poetry and verse and cherish the gift
Great write very vivid with much truth I love the line about pmt 10

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