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Poem By Crystal Johnson

You cant reach the unreachable
you'll never reach the sky
you'll never make your dreams come true
but go ahead and try

You'll never catch your shadow
you'll never learn to fly
you'll never stop the hurting
so kiss your life good-bye

Everyones already laughing
they know you wont succeed
they know your just a failure
does it now feel hard to breath?

Watch out! your gonna stumble
watch out! your gonna fall
we know that you wont make it
weve known it all along

We laugh at all the mistakes you made
weve laughed when you got hurt
we laughed at all the tears you cried
its the best that you deserve.

Your never gonna please us
you'll never make us proud
you have to pick yourself up
when you've fallen on the ground

So heres to you, our broken child
weve done the best we can
remember how weve taught you
a belt in our right hand.

You wont reach the unreachable
you'll never touch the sky
you'll never make your dreams come true
so dont bother to try.

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Comments (9)

I really liked this poem... But remember you can reach your dreams if you dont let what people say or do get into your way. Good Job! ! -Shell
Crystal, if i'm not wrong, i see in your poem a strong sense of disdain for all the negative criticism heaped on to you.I also sense that it is through your poetry you will learn to rise above it and find a sense of achievement.I wish you the very best in life....
Crystal, great form and structure. The fourth line (1st verse) says it all for me, : If you don't try then there is no chance of sucess. I suspect that you are not in agreement with the sentiments that are expressed, especially in the last verse, or else why would you be submitting your work to our scrutiny. I think that these are things that have been said to you. If I could make a suggestion: perhaps you could make it more clear (assuming I have interpreted this correctly) by ending on an optimistic note. There realy is nothing wrong with saying how great you are if you have the talent to back it up. And you have that alright. Warmest regards, Denis Joe
well written in form...but I don't agree with the contents ;) we can reach the sky, in so many ways...and some dreams can come true...I hope one day you'll find out how ;)
hey wow! its good! ! its so true as wel..so many people nowadays dont bother trying, idealism is being so crushed under realism, and its so sad - why do people stop dreaming? why, after we reach a certain age, do we no longer reach out for something that we yearn for with our whole hearts...cynicism replaces the childish naivety where you believe that you be whatever you want to be - lets hope your poem encourages people to touch the stars!