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Unread Poetry
PC (11/26/58 / New Haven CT)

Unread Poetry

Poem By Paul Cutting

It's like presents to unwrapped
the anticipation is intense
a star that can not be reached
a mark that can't be benched
a safe that can not be breached
the thirst that can't be quenched

out of the mouths of babes
it comes from kings and peasants
mystery's wrapping of the truth
history's wrapping of the present
words that have not be mentioned
from realm's of abstract dimensions

it speaks to war and peace
of love beneath the sheets
of honored heroic feats
of horrifying defeats

and with all the worlds blank pages
we will write poetry for ages
through life's many stages
with meanings so outrages

it brings you high into the heavens
drags you to the depths of hell
it slaps you across the face
and kisses you as well

it pierces space and time
the circumference of the mind
brings you to the edge of life
It Cuts you like a knife

from the spark of inspiration
to the appearing on the pages
I give commemoration
to all poets throughout the ages

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