Poem Hunter
AG (23-08-1985 / MUMBAI(NOW IN PUNE))


So many things I see,
In a day where life means lust to be,
And there’s much that I don’t see,
My life feels so incomplete.
My heart pumps efficiently,
Yet, ….so silently,
But, it doesn’t know about,
The escaping life inside me.

There are nights when I stay awake,
In order to find the real thing,
And so much, so much at stake,
These thoughts stay at my wake.
Certain promises, I have made,
To take care of these subtle ties.
I’ll walk through these thorns & flames,
And they won’t even realize.

And when they know
Will they come and fight.
For me, in this darkness,
In such a plight.
Or would they turn their backs upon,
This sight, so insignificant from heights.
What they won’t know, I’ll walk along,
These torrid ways, UNREALISED…!

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