Unrealistic Reality

Wake up,
O napper over the green meadows
What your dreams are for
wake up and watch what follows
Dipped in the beautiful?
or to lies you made the vows?
Or did they reign over this thought
the ticklish emotions of hollows?

Wake up and see how far is love
nay near, nay far, but cannot be seen
Afar in the distant lands went apart
with your dreams, the vivid and keen
O poor believer in the whispers of night
trusted indeed the twirls of the unseen?
And while you are dipped in illusions
fate raced you to where you've never been

Before your eyes, yes it is indeed
but your wishes are just beyond
In the world of your imaginations
you allowed what never had a bond
Where the floating have to sink in deep
and the sweet left you with not a wound
Wake up O napper over the meadows,
the birds flew with seeds, and have you not a fond

by Taher Shemaly

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