Unrecognizable Love

How can love
Be so strong.
While I was home
You stayed gone.

How can care
Be so deep.
While I worked
You were sleep.

How can your love
Be so blind.
Knowing I devote to you
Every bit of my time.

You've neglected me
But no fuss no fight.
I accepted your redicle
Just like you were right.

How much more
Could one do.
You refuse happiness
I can't please you.

You spend my money
I gave you a home.
I gave you a car
And a new cell phone.

I thought you loved me
Thats what you said.
But you ignore me
Just like I am dead.

Well I got feelings
I'm kind and true.
I know I'm not appreciated
You live like you choose.

Out of all the things
Just to please you.
To leave you now
Is the best I can do.

by Cecelia Weir

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