A Ship, An Anchor And A Storm.

In love and life we chose the best and it can crash at every test;
to have the spirit to endure is a rare thing.

To be torn by others is a sin but to be borne by others during a misery is a plaster on a wound when the morning dawn light wakes to find you wanting.

A man, a woman a love true broken and sewn asunder by others a sin;
to take, to empty, to drain in or for gain, but why to ask is brave.

Give, give more and when you are empty find the strength to replenish through - trust, faith, hope and love. G-d will provide and you can triumph!

Bring forth the passion set upon tears and unheard by anger. An anger irrational born of life and circumstance. Can I compete? Can I?

There takes two in such a love to join and stay; if one leaves the other Dove dies unwillingly as it mated for life and so love withers.

Can a Swan see a future but to join its heart, a dove or any bonded animal. I ask can I be one today?

What would you do if you could, say I?

Say yes there's error in life, judgement and grey truths? That a love should replenish and love is enough and to walk away loving is to have lost the greatest love of all; for one stays and dies when one is untrue to their heart. An unconceivable loss. A fathomless pit of pains akin to Faust.

A Ship laden with treasure and an Anchor that holds it in Tempestuous Time can be lifted and lost. It's only an Anchor after all but the Ship sails and today is a good day My Son.

When your head lies on your pillow I pray a Shaft of Fire burn your bed and fill you in your Dreams to come; today you could have 'Saved a Life' and today you weighed Anchor.

Can you see the light this Dawn? Can you see my Soul Omri? Can you have Anger such to blind or can you hate to part? Loss can be so distruthfull and later on reflection - clear and sorrowful. Wake up, wake up!

On my sad pillow I lay my head to see a formula of afterlife? That is up not across or is it in Vein to see which way I bleed? My Heart, my Soul or my Blood as it flows warmly by me allowing a lapse into Freedom.

G-d is Kind

G-d is Merciful

G-d accept my Soul.

by Azriel Dreams

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