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Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Poem By Rachelle Arlin Credo

So, there you were...
a figure of resonant vibrations,
whispering hymns replete with passion,
like a phoenix heralded by the tides,
relentlessly flying through the skies.

And there I was...
a searching shadow at sundown,
a sojourner on a forlorn mound,
streamlined with fallible innocence,
yielding with resisting acquiescence.

Then Cupid struck my heart...
Oh! My heart liquified with fervor,
oblivious to other people's rancor,
forbearing the torments of reality,
i was swept with a love fantasy.

A realization suddenly rocked my core,
staggering my brains out and shaking my soul,
as pang vanquishes all that's left in me,
captivating my dreams into a vain reality.

Then my spirit languished
and my body, lifeless of a broken heart;
I realized your love was never mine
right from the very start.

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can love ever go astray even when no part of it goes the way it should this lovely poem springs from your heart now whole joyous a fine poem