Unrequited Yet Destined Love

Though you embrace me to the point of pain
We shall never be united
And at a place which beauty’s inhumane
This love will remain unrequited
Don’t allow our love to be weathered
As we dream and sleep no more
So let our destinies remain tethered
And ignore the crowd that continue to lynch,
Please ignore their fiery gaze
And walk onward, inch by inch
Towards the spine chilling blaze

Words of truth are dependable; fated
Somewhere in a place neither near or far
So don’t allow them to become belated
And allow them to guide you like the North Star

Until hands do what lips do, I knew not I’d be hurt
That Us meeting beckoned such a lonely fate
But my darling our love is *overt* (*not secret, hidden*)
Can you not hear my speeding heart rate?
From surely that one meeting
We have no need for dreaming
Believe me that my feelings aren’t fleeting
In a world that is still redeeming
Surely our love shall win...

by Silly Artist

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