The Voice In The Pines

Beauty, what mournest thou within the pines?
Surely thy voice is theirs,
Reverberant through caverns of the soul,
Like present grief which shares
The fainter sorrows of the past, that roll
In undertones no ear nor thought defines.

Dost sorrow for thy deaths in other years,
Aeons that, too, are dead,
On vanished worlds remembered but of thee?
Of for the flowers that, shed
But yesternoon, find now their threnody,
After the dews which were thy silent tears.

by Clark Ashton Smith

Comments (2)

A very creative poem, an excellent read.--Melvina--
I think this is the best poem I've read on this site all week- very cleverly conceived as well. Metrically, the poem might flow even better if 'each' replaced 'every' in the fourth line-but of course, it's great regardless!