Unruly Elements? !

Poem By AtreyaSarma Uppaluri


Wind is erratic
It's scalding hot now
And biting cold then

Weather is unpredictable
It's awfully arid at one place
And totally humid at the other

Rain plays truant
Not a dropp in the season
Downpour when it’s past

Earth’s visage is deceptive
Landslides here
Volcanic eruption there

No element of Nature gives notice
It’s all over before you notice it

The mind is moody -
Animated at one time
And anomic at the other

Don't rue
O’er your indiscipline
Elements of Nature are
Unruly themselves
Go on being wild
Carry on irreconciled

Alter ego:

The Earth
For all her waywardness
Bruised and battered though
Has her discipline

She rotates and she revolves
Never lax
Never relaxing

She never skips
Her restless grind
Of day and night


Mood or no mood
Go on and ahead
Don’t rust in rest
Use rest for your best

The earth is giving you
Without any grumble
Without any demur
Seasons and crops and life
May be there are exceptions

What’s it that you give back to her
Except by way of rare exceptions?

[Mar 03,2009: : Hyderabad - 500 056]

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