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Unsaid Words

So many words,
But no sounds to hear,
Only leading to conflict and fear.
Nothing but silence,
But everything to say,
So I'm holding it in for another day.
So many feelings,
Warmth and pain,
Still deciphering, a loss or a gain.
I'm hurting indeed,
But I've got to be tough,
When will I learn, enough is enough.
And yet I still hold on,
Because I really do care,
All of this is too much to bare.
So I give you these, my unsaid words,
In hopes that you'll give me yours in return.

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i love this poem! and i want to use it for my assignment for school, but i need information about the writer! if you are reading this nora can you please email me thanks! - chloe
Yes Nora, You have captured your meaningful message so well through this emotional composure by you so perfectly and then through the magic of your natural ability you presented it as a completion to your readers for them to savor as a Master Piece. Well done Nora. Now I want to Thank You for sharing your glowing gift of words with all of us and especially for giving us a little of you. As I must now leave can I ask a small favor from you? Will you please keep your poetic pens ink flowing so your wonderful words of poetry keeps growing. Your Reading Fan, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)
Your feelings, so much like my own. A poem written from the heart...Sincerely Yours, Donna