AH (08-10-1984 / Australia)

Unseen Beauty

The sun sets in the distance
Its warm red glow fades away
In the cruel world
Such beauty overlooked
The sounds of birds
The rustling of trees
As I sit here in this perfect place
I remember
The fire and the death
The misery and the pain
The screaming unforgettable
Forever ringing in our minds
The sight of destruction
Forever in our souls
Families torn apart
Loved one lost
For what?
To make a point?
In this world of destruction
We don’t see the good
Only evil
We destroy each other
If only they could see
The beauty in this world of ours
The weapons would disappear
The hunger fed
The passion for life would return
We remember those we lost
We pray for them
But they are safe
We should pray for those still here
For those who believe
Believe in war and destruction
For those,
Who believe this is right

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