Unseen Companions Of The Journey!

Hi everyone

I received this from Fay Slimm today concerning the death of our good friend Mary Martin. Please do go to the site and light a candle for dear Chrissy.

Thank you,


I was shocked!
Mary Martin, your sad demise!
O it's really unbearable?
Paddy sent me two books before he leaves
And then you sent me his two photographs
Before you leave, how do I get things of Paddy now?
I realized life's a journey and not a race!
Tomorrow I am passing the 60th mile post
On my way to your new domicile!
We're in one family of this ridiculous segregated World!
May you rest in peace beside my friend Paddy and your best friend too,
Along this unending journey!

* I asked my beloved to light an additional candle tomorrow on my sad birthday cake and that's for you Mary!

by nimal dunuhinga

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