Unseen Comrade

Poem By James Harris

How can someone I have never met tend to fascinate me so?
Amazed I am by your wit and charm and how it tends to flow
If it comes to pass that we meet, we both need to bring some wine
We'll drink every last dropp as the moon does comes out to shine
Let us crack wise as we drink if nothing else than to laugh
Then we should go for a walk, to find more spirits to quaff
Sit and the words I write as you have so many times before
Then we can sit and have more wine if there is anymore
Friendship grows even though we've never given one the glance
Instead we opt to maintain this joyous little verbal dance
So here's to you and I, you amazing little wit-filled girl
We both bring the wine when we meet to let hilarity unfurl

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This has just given me a really good idea, unseen poet. Thank you!

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