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Unseen Enemy
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Unseen Enemy

Time is your most devoted unseen enemy
Never cheats on you and acts too fairly
There's no escape of that withering reality
Which turns you into a toothless freaky entity

Both all of a sudden and in a little while
You keep on walking hand in hand
With your devouring monster
Who is disinterested about yourself
Or your sob sister

And never cares if you're
Inanimate or still alive
You have to cope with that
Although they say: Just get a life!

To join the circle of the dead
You need no stress
A booby trap goes off
Who's gonna clear up the mess?

Postnatal care is not a dazzling
Achievement in the end
Your life won't turn you on
It's srtictly low rent

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