Unsettling Are The Changes

Unsettling are the changes,
Of the wind has been.
For those remaining uncertain,
When changes that have begun...
Will come for them to end.
But anyone observing,
With clarity witnessed to see...
And accept.as it is received,
Have adopted to adapt...
To find that a leaving behind old beliefs,
Is much easier than trying to apply...
A defense against a wind,
That has come with intentions...
To blow away whomever or whatever,
Makes attempts to prevent...
A total overhauling with no one's consent,
With pretentions meant to stop...
The effectiveness of its unrelenting,

Unsettling are the changes.
Unsettling the minds.
Unsettled to find,
Ignoring signs of the times...
No one can just leave behind,
Or believe a defense against them...
Prevents a difference meant to stay.
Regardless who 'perceives' they can stop,
To adapt and adopt...
That which has already begun.
For everything and everyone to make,
What has begun to prove it done to do.
Not even the privileged few,
Will be left unscathed to escape...
To think themselves safe in those places.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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