Unshed Tears

My wife, it's been three, long sad years since you went away
But in my mind's eyes dearie, it looks just like yesterday
You went away with my child unborn in your protuding womb
Hurling insults at my face scornfully with a perfect aplomb
You moved your entire possession out of my hut-sized house
And told everyone that I was as poor as an impoverished mouse
Was it any fault of mine that I lost my job and everything
That I lost my wife, the only thing that meant something
I'm still waiting for you sweetie to come back into my life
For no other woman can fill this emptiness in me, my wife
If for once, let me behold the smile on my child's sweet face
If for once, let me hold you and kiss you with a sudden craze
For I just can't imagine you've left me lonely for three years
Please come back and see my eyes brimming with hot, unshed tears

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