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Unsoiled Boutonniere Blooming Delight

Unsoiled Boutonniere Blooming Delight

Written by Wilfred Mellers,12: 21 PM, Wednesday, April 7,2010

Smooth cotton so soft to the touch

Velvety polished plane I want it so much

Aroma sweet I want to eat it all up

Vanilla cream tasting liquid syrup

Attraction defies all known logic

When I touch you there it is like magic

The mere sight overwhelms my eyes

In yonder, canyon lays a dampened surprise

Fanciful imagery of you I've pondered so graphic

Just the thought of tasting you would be cosmic

Your orchid corsage ripened would I pick

Should I die in your womb, please God don't let it be quick

Sentenced to life was the verdict

The bouquet of my choice for you I'm an addict

Windows steam rises as I ponder on your garland fair

Ever so wanting to put my lips there

Chocolate hands cover your cherry treat

Honeysuckle rose made my night complete

Toes curling from the summer's heat

Sunshine divine my visage is your seat

Moments shared not soon to forget

Sweetest Blossom moistened till wet

Drenched I remove its covering layer

Articulated words from you a gentle payer

Trying desperately to keep it all in

Dear lord shouted as your head goes for another spin

Your body my wonderland now I explore

Bursting at the seems you can't take it anymore

As passions, flow exploding into desire

The air is a flame for your soul is on fire

Resisting no longer and putting up a fight

Released the beast into a silent night

Words now magical as if they are William Shakespeare's

Melodious incantations sway my attentive ears

So tender and few the moments we share

My slice of heaven resides now in your loving care

Enchanted I be by your floret is overpowering

Cleansing my fingers my tongue is scouring

Soon thereafter I too peak as the night conclude

Every moment satisfied by your savory food

Striking you are my loving spice

For your blossom, I'll make the ultimate sacrifice

Let me pop the bubble then champagne on ice

You are worth it all at any price

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