Good Night

The somnolence claims me,
Calls forth my mutilated body
The indifferent hiss of sleep.
”Coil in a catnap, darling.”
The cotton marshes said
In a flabbergasted quagmire -
The sleaze.

Good night,
The populace is riveted
To their beds, in musical dreams
And debonair stillness.
I am as drunk as a mad lover -
A contagious concoction:
The alchemy of time and other things.
And the ephemeral apprehension.

Let sleep engulf you,
Encompass your frivolities
Until nothing is left

But your heart
And your soul
Tethered to another
In the morning’s breath:
Impervious and

But now, let sleep be wary
As you bequeath yourself with tranquility
Underneath the sheets,
Beside an inamorata,
A stack of books,
A city of surreal contingencies
Or no love,
And just shallow emptiness.

Soon, the Sun will wake you up
With its smouldering caress
But in the meantime,
Let the moon,
Let the stars and the constellations
Cradle you to consolation.
Good night, wayward fellow,
Wistful love,
And the restive metropolis.

by Windsor Guadalupe Jr

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