Unspeakable Fear

Doesn't it seem to be extremely easy,
To discredit someone who appears to be defenseless?
Someone easy to attack, undermine and trick.
Because they 'seem' to lack or be without allies?

And then a misdeed is done by those thoughtless.
All havoc breaks loose where they inhabit.
And the ones who chose to do the misdeeding done,
Keep their mouths closed with unspeakable fear.
They have no clue or idea as to who knows what.
Or what it is that creeps so near to know who they are.

That's why it pays to be upfront when confronting an honesty.
Playing games of truth or dare can frighten!
Especially if a truth being dared wishes to provide evidence.
To uncover the slightest intention to deceive for the sport of it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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