In the way of life..

Wasting precious time

Doing nothing other

than wandering through life...

Wondering to myself, y it happns wth me ovr n ovr

Thinking to myself, what I am.

I feel the pain for the little girl in me

who want to b luv for a while.

Bt had to grow up before tym..

Crushed by people, for her feelings.

The feelins of pain are unbearable

Unable to run anymore..

I try to smile, bt I can't wth this curse.

My smiles are fake, a mystry to myself.

Nothing bt a shallow heart, inside an empty shell.

No one cld evr imagine wat's goin beside

I lie nd say I am happy, whn the truth is I am dead inside.

Its my fault, people break me down.

I am so damn weak, don't evn know how to speak.

Its my fault, I luv to trust so easy.

No one evn noticed its my heart nt a piece to stone.

When i thought caring was a crime.

I didn't know bt nw that I do

I will chng nd that is true.

I try so hard, I fall bt I wl get up again.

I gave up, bt my life is only about to begin...

I cant be nyone excpt me......

by Moumita .Aich

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