My heart explodes
Parts of you I cherished and adored
Spill out –
Thrusting to the floor in silent symphony
I slither to the ground to admire my muddled mess
Admiring the parts of my heart in sudden inanimate acquiesce
Remembering all that held you close to me
The pain and sullen sympathy is absent
My freedom comes at too high a price
Part of me is void and you fail to notice
You speak until words have no meaning
Each utterance a minefield that I tip toe through
Careful not to trigger the truth
Quieting my voice screaming inside
Until I am silent and cower and hide
In the end sweet sanity will have its revenge
Unspoken sadness as I mourn a friend
Broken pieces I don’t want to mend
I welcome myself back again

by P.M. Rocha

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