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Unspoken Language
MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Unspoken Language

Poem By Midnight Clarity

Words drip
soft and sensual,
tones of velvet
brown like coffee,
scent of spices
on the breath
that drifts across
my cheek
and it could be
a shopping list
for all I know,
the soothing lilt
could speak to me
of laundry, taxes.
or of love
a mystery I ponder
with half-closed eyes
while I imagine romance
for a moment, passion
breathing at my ear
in structured rhythms
I don't understand
and lonely hearts
make magic
like a band aid
built of hope
because it is eternal
a language
can be learned
if need be
so I turn to meet
the gleam of smiling eyes.

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