Unspoken Thoughts To An Ex.

Poem By Stephen Carney

A fleeting memory of what we once had;
Nostalgic yet painful.
The vision of thou's pretty smile;
since turned menacing and disdainful.

I see thee in the local town;
holding hands with a new lover.
Thou seem'st take enjoyment;
In seeing me with no other.

But I have news for thee my dear;
thou cannot me dismay.
With no regret I must admit;
I am no longer thy prey.

Methink'st thou would look with sorrow;
at what this man's become
For not only am I happier now;
my memories of thee are dead and numb.

A light hath appeared ahead in the darkness;
A beacon, brilliant and guiding.
The old flame hath again appeared;
where has't thou been hiding?

And so I bid thee a good day my lady;
Here is were we are to part ways.
With a perfect woman new memories shall be forged;
And with her, my heart it stays.

She was there before thee dear;
before the tears and pain.
Deep inside she did reside;
watching o'er me with great strain.

Now that thee hath gone;
I see clearly what was before me.
Already had I found my love;
and in my future she be.

Comments about Unspoken Thoughts To An Ex.

Beautiful, poignant and true. So happy for you and Linda and your family. It is as it should be. You are bright as a comet back on track. I wish you and your beautiful family the best of everything.

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