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Unspoken Words

Shut in a corner not far from here,
Where my life use to live,
He took that away through love and sorrow,
But I never knew that this pain I feel will follow,
As I look back at my pain,
I write these words to inspire those who feel ashamed.
As a song follows remembering what we had,
I still feel depressed as the sun surpass.

As my mind wanting me to leave,
But my heart still say 'don't please! '
I don't know who to trust,
As our love turn into lust,
I cry when you say mean words,
I still remember when heart bleed,
'No one can replace you, ' that's what you said.

As time flows on,
I knew just one more time to hold on,
I am begging myself don't give up on you,
But my heart said, 'I am threw! '

by Jaylin Moore

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