TR (January 19,1970 / Seattle Wa.)

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words

No consideration of how I may feel
only judging me while I’m popping a pill
Apposing your morals and lacking appeal
the pain inside me your so sure it’s unreal

Appearing as hopeless totally lacking in zeal
accounting for nothing no hope to conceal
Your life tells you that I’ll never be whole
no more than a junkie/fisher casting his next troll

Swirling round and round in this endless fishbowl
no chance for escape from this bottomless hole
You personally resent my attempts at well being
every dislike has you contemplating in leaving

Man with good morals whom strives to be pleasing
seems now to you I’m constantly underachieving
An altered path is what I strive to achieve
the harder I try the less you believe

Your looks, words and silence strike out like a lash
displeased persona leaves me feeling no better than trash
You might just as well have struck out in violence
your actions so painful when you leave me in silence

I love you so deeply it seems you don’t know
I reach out to you but it feels it may snow

From the beginning my hearts been given exclusively to you
withholding your heart unlike the way mine had been offered to you
I will pass on the pills if that’s what you insist
I never once abused them, and stuck to the scripts list

Someday I hope to live without letting you down
I’ll offer out my hand and pray you’ll come round
Chalk another one up to my long list if of sorry’s
stick to my meds and get this accident behind me

Now moving forward no holding back
one day you'll see that I’m not just another hack
There’s no point for you to cling to the past
yesterdays gone but tomorrow will last

Ty R.

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