Unstable And Unfit

When people hide behind deceptions...
As if they are walls of cement.
These are the folks who do not realize...
Their lies have fenced them inside mentalities,
To eventually show themselves as demented.

They do not perceive dishonesty as weak.
As long as they are in the reception...
Of others with similar beliefs.

And when folks like this,
Come to unite together in a collectiveness...
They do not realize their acts develop illnesses.
And they rush to seek perscriptions quick,
From those who benefit...
By keeping them addicted to such sickness.

In industries that hospitalized them...
With not a chance to confront,
The healing that mends the origins of their afflictions.
If that happened,
None of this would exist!

But there is a need to keep them mentally,
And physically dependent!
Socially unstable.
And psychologically unfit!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Very well said Sir Lawrence! This site seems to have a few more of these types than I thought would haunt these websites that were set up for Poetry! God Bless, Linda