TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Unstructured Piece

Am I a bird with one song
who has been telling it for too long
Does what I think really matter
Will it turn me into the mad hatter
Filling up my blatter
with poison
Cause I have chosen
to make sense of sense
but there is no presence
Not around my chosen residence
But I still smile
Because it's my style
It's apart of my everyday life
Because I know we're under the knife
With threats and haters
Forming now and later
When most of us are just trying to live
but emotions are strong
so drama is what they choose to give
I hope one day I fall asleep
and never wake up from a
never ending dream
First I'll count sheep
and fade away
These lines are an unstructured piece
that say what I want to say

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