That which offends,
Those with limited...
And preferred kept pretentions.
With experiences isolated.
To leave their minds left closed.

Anyone depicted,
As not having social graces.
Graces more accepted,
In places where people...
Adorned the best of their false faces.

Anyone not selected,
To impress with this addressed.
And unsuitable is it heard expressed,
By those who whisper about those who perceive...
What is done they do,
Should receive and get attention from others.
With focused interest kept in them too.
To wish it believed others are envious.

Only those who find others,
And what is done they do unsuitable...
May find it difficult to perceive themselves,
As providing clear evidence to witness proof...
To those seeking a life to live avoiding charades.
With a leaving alone those who condone,
The wearing of masks for whatever the task.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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