IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Unsung Heroes

The land laid waste and desolate.
Opposing armies came and went,
that neither thought to contemplate
the end result is evident.

There’ll be no harvest here to reap
There’s no one left to till the land.
Beneath the soil the farmers sleep.
The warriors failed to understand

In war there is no victory.
The winners and the losers fail
to learn from all past history.
That warriors die to no avail

The real heroes are men of peace.
The farmers and the labourers
the men who toil without surcease
to feed themselves and their neighbours.


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How true, how sadly true! The innocent always suffer for the ill-fated deeds of others! It has been true in every war from time immorial, yet no one has yet figured out how to prevent people bent on war and destruction from harming the innocent without engaging them in their own forceful efforts and trying to repel the destroyers and minimize the destruction. And 'There are things worse than war...', as I stated in my poem, 'Salute to an American Soldier.' Sometimes not fighting back is one of those things.
possibly one of the best poems i've seen here so far... a theme always relevant to society. again, i love the way you use your words.
Poet, there are only losers in war. Fantastic poetry, wonderful read 'Enjoyed'