My heart is full of anger and hate,
yet I love.
I cry myself to sleep at night,
yet I am happy.
God blessed me with a child,
yet I don't feel like a mother.
I have friends who care and a family
who loves me,
yet I feel alone.
People say that I am pretty,
yet I feel ugly.
I stand in the mirror and know my
reflection exists,
yet I don't see anyone.
I live each day full of life,
yet I feel dead.

by Gero Lorna

Comments (2)

Out of all the poems I have read of yours so far, this one I can identify the most with...I have shared these thoughts and ironically enough many of them mirror my own, I am not quite sure if you are writing this from your perspective or if this is toward your own inner feelings toward yourself...all I know is that we all sometimes have these moments in time where we are suspended in self-doubt, and I felt your title fit this piece perfectly...because isn't everything unsure in some way? We can't know everything, and even what we know may not be what it really is at all...AWESOME WRITING! ! ! i love how expressive your wok always is, you truly have found your calling, and no matter what words will always touch someone, and believe me your words have touched my heart, because I too relate to what you say in every piece...everything you write has such meaning...every piece is profound...keep it up, I am a big fan, you rock lorna! ! ! :)
A thought-provoking piece about what we really feel inside and what people see from the outside - the facades that we put up to hide our true selves, and this is what the confession and catharsis usually sound like. A great read. - K.