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Unsuspected Places
( / Connecticut)

Unsuspected Places

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Those given platforms,
To announce the creating...
Of initiating conflicts.
And associated dilemmas.
They start to promote to begin.
Where and when.
Are often the same people,
Blaming others...
Who listen and follow,
Specific instructions.
That stir up havoc and destruction.

With this then,
Claimed to be appalling.
By those who have no intention to end,
A diseasing of their own mentalities.
To believe this is progress made.
With a taking a control,
Over the people to dictate and rule.

Only to discover,
Those awakening.
From a blinding unconsciousness.
Finding themselves participating,
In racism and division.
To then begin to notice,
The ones endorsing these activities...
Are doing it purposely.
Done to prove,
Having money can not prevent...
Mental illness from having,
Overwhelming influence.
Directed from the highest,
Of the most unsuspected places.
Dictating a wickedness and evil.
That has yet to reflect,
A speeding of their own demise.

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