Unsweetened Directness

Becoming upset,
By an unsweetened directness...
Effectively expressed.
To ensure the doing again of it,
Is permanently terminated...
To appease those with a keeping,
Of their warm and fuzzy pretentions kept.
To only have those unrealistic 'ideals' met to address,
In a protective deluded mindset accepting disrespect.
With more it dumped on them to get.

'More progress is made,
By those displaying a dignity and tolerance...
For those less patient.
And obviously misunderstanding,
The value and use of proper social etiquette.
And 'we' uphold our standards,
With a proving to others they too should not forget.'

~That's great.
I am not going to wait for my purpose to be interpreted.
Or 'assume' your antiquated, outdated ideals will return.
Keep your beliefs!
And I say that respectfully.
I just want you and them out of my way.
I'm not the mushy pretentious kind! ~

'Oh dear.
How insensitive.
Cruel and absolutely brutal.'

~And stop trying to flatter me.
There's more to truth...
Than a momentary confrontation with it.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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