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Untainted Meat
( / Connecticut)

Untainted Meat

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Where can anyone go today,
To sink their teeth...
In untainted meat?

Street vendors,
Selling their wares...
In molded clothes,
Greet with stained threads.
And obviously needing sleep.

Sky high prices...
No one seeks!
Even stripped naked...
Prostitutes find their jobs very hard.
For anyone wishing to sniff,
A bargain many now disregard.

There is a strain on the pocket.
Draining super markets.
Johns once in wingtips...
Ease up on the swagger,
And display their nervousness.

Corporate crooks,
Who wore silk suits...
For cooking fixed books.
Lose connections and ties on the 'outside'.
Locked in prisons cells.
Being raped in scrapes by those they cheated.
And when they too sit down to eat...
On butts abused and used.
But accuse themselves much too late.
Wishing for something fresh on their plates.
Besides the same crap they fed to feed.
Depleted and feeling like a rat trapped...
Given sleeze and molded cheese.

Where can anyone go today,
To sink their teeth...
In untainted meat?

These and other questions
Seem easier to ponder.
When you're locked away in the 'slammer'.
Getting banged and hammered...
Getting very little sleep.
And wishing like so many do.
For just a piece of untainted...
Untouched and sweetened meat!

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