( / Lahore, Pakistan)

Untamed Spirit

Let's dance in the rain
to wash off our pain
Our feet moving to the rhythm
of life
Our souls freed from the bondage
of body
Why sit here and fret and fume
over the long-lost hopes and dreams
Let us mingle with the spirit
of rain
In every drop, it carries
a fairy tale
Rain has the face of freedom
Every tree, every leaf
drinks it in abundance
Let's imbibe the untamed spirit
of rain
Dreams are not to be locked
Desires are not to be caged.

Nosheen Irfan © 2016
All Rights Reserved

by Nosheen Irfan

Comments (10)

Yes Nosheen, dont cage your dreams. Give them wings. and Let them fly!
Rain dance! With the muse of freedom. Nice work.
Dreams are not to be locked Desires are not to caged Wonderfully expressed emotions with sincerity of heart and soul.Keep it up Nosheen Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
A beautiful poem my friend, Nosheen.
Your awareness is worth all of the gold that this world conceals. You understand the depth of pain and loss, of sorrow and disappointment, of set-backs and disillusionment but you come armed with that most important gift. A determination to dance in the rain, to stand tall and not only not surrender but to charge head-long into life's rain and be replenished by it. Rain has the face of freedom, every leaf, every tree. This poem joins a handful of others in my favorites. Let us mingle with the spirit of rain. No search for mountain top splendor. Why when each raindrop has its own fairy tale........yes.
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