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Until Death Us Do Part
GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)

Until Death Us Do Part

Poem By George Wootton

Until death us do part was the promise we made
through happiness and heartbreak together we stay.
No goodbyes or farewells or 'I don't love you anymore',
no, 'I now love another more exciting than before'.

The vows that we spoke did not insure peace sublime
or each day without heartache or that our world would be kind.
No promise was made that each need would be met
but that life's burdens we share to reach the goals that we set.

The dreams that we whispered, the plans that we made,
so few have come true dear and for you my heart breaks.
But through all disappointments each heart remained true,
our promise remembered, each moment renewed.

The trials make us stronger as they are met and defeated,
no temptation to depart when great courage is needed.
Together we are mighty, together we are strong,
together we have victory when singing our battle song!

Those dreams that we whispered, the plans that we made
have paled in the presence of the joy that you gave.
Just to have you beside me through the good and the bad
has given me more pleasure than any man should have had.

Until death us do part, a vow most easy to keep
for I know you will be there when I fall asleep.
Time is rushing to meet us, too soon our promise fulfilled
I pray eternity finds us together, so surreal.

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