Until I Met You…

I thought life was wonderful
Until I met you.
I thought life was all about
Sunshine and language,
Until I met you.
I met you and I knew
How wrong I was.
For you gave me my first taste of pain
A pain so bitter that has left me bitter.
You took away my laughter
Only to replace it with tears
Tears which flow and won’t be stopped
Until my life itself stops.
I thought life was all about love
Until I met you.
You taught me hatred
A hatred so intense that I was blinded.
Blinded to all the beautiful beliefs
Which were so dear to me then.
You brought me down to earth
From my dream world up above.
And flung me down with no one to care.
You have broken all my illusions
Which were so rosy and sweet.
Until I was left wondering
Why did we ever meet?

by kirti iyer

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