Until It Was No More

How did I lose you?
This wrenching but subtle pain
I held you so close to me so I could feel
This connection to earth and years
Your tight embrace that stopped my heart
Loosed now for a moment
Where will my heart travel now in my dreams?
Where will the memory of you,
Scented by these withering days, go?
I did not wish to be set free of this bond,
This raw connection of wild grief
It is here under the pursed brow of death
That life is sharpened to its finite point
Light finds a peace, cradled in this darkened room
All is as it should be.
I became as all and were and am and as
Infinite and pure and present as this moment
But this pain beheld its beauty in the
Still puddles of my tears and like Narcissus, swallowed itself
Until it was no more

by Guillermo Veloso

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