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Until Our Time Come......

I don't know the meaning of love
until you taught me and made me happy
You have brought the meaning of love into my life
Today I miss you so much with painful heart
I never forget your true love that showered on me
No matter how far you are right now
but nothing in this world can bring for me your love
So much unconditional love you have given me
I wish I will be in your arms again and kiss you gently
Lying beside you and touching you softly
When I close my eyes then I listen you heart beat
When I think of you then I see your smiling face
When I feel sad then I hear your words giving me strength
I want to walk with your shadow because I will not disappear
I want to whisper your name in the wind because it will echo
I love you like I have never known what is love
All I want to grow my love with you more and more
Until the time come for both of us to hold hands for ever.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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