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Until Sunrise Never Comes

Everything I am,

and all that I believed,

Everything I loved-

God has taken from me,

so I will cry for you
for we will bury you

I will remember you
all my days,
I will mourn for you
in my sorrow.

I will count the years alone
til all of mine are done,

then I'l ly down by your side
until the sunrise never comes.

by buried alive

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The last desire to lie in the grave with that of a loved one has so nicely painted in this lovely poem that the reader is forced to think, did he truly love his beloved like Buried Alive.
I can relate to on this one. I have lost and yet I still live. Their memories locked deep within me. I draw from those memories when I write the romantic ones. The romantic one are not for anybody now, but in memory of those who loved me selflessly and died.