LM (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

Until Sunrise

“A Soldier Tales”

I stand upon this field a watchman
over my brothers who now lay at rest.
And until sunrise here I’ll stand.

Sleep my dear brothers;
Dream pleasantly with
no fear. For I will stand watch
over you all like an angel sent
from heaven. Until sunrise.

Now as the night wind whistles
I hear each of your voices in the
breeze, Each of you my dear
brothers thanking me; for watching
over you all until the sunrise.

But my dear brothers’ rest, for you need
not thank me. In fact I should be thanking you
for you are asleep now, so that I and many
others can be awake. So rest your heads in
your graves knowing that you all did not die in
vane, and until God calls me to my final resting
place. I’ll be your watchman my brothers.
Until Sunrise.

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Comments (2)

Powerful. I bet this is one of your best. Barbara Parris
What a nice thought. Very nice poem. When you say brothers, I assume you were (are) a soldier also... Hard life...very hard life! Hugs, Dee