Until The Day...........!

Poem By Iris Mista

Reign, you're eating my heart and soul away
But I will make sure you will not stay
Going to build a paradise in this bloody hell
And beat that suppressing monster I know so well

Oh yeah, I have made my favorable plan
And will build me the best home I can
Knowing the system, knowing the rules
And turn all those planners into fouls

The witless rule makers without heart
A cold soul and brains not smart
Gonna beat them, I have done before
I'll get the best out of it, I will make sure

No regrets, for in this heartless society
There is no place for the ill and poor to be
I am not going to accept it anymore
nor live to be the governments whore

For I am going to serve only myself
Until the day I am able to leave my shelf
and fight with all my strength, so I can be
A help for those who are just like me

March 8th,2014

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