MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Until The Day I Die

I'll be your ocean to cross
When you learn how to swim
I'll be the pill that you swallow
To ease the pain that your in

I'll be the tears that you cry
When you feel sorrow and pain
I'll be the memories you cherish
And help you relive them again

I'll be there when u need a friend
When you feel lonely and sad
I'll be the anger you express
When you feel like getting mad

I'll always be around
If you want me to stay
And I'll be close by
When u tell me to go away

I'll be a body
If you need somebody to hold
I'll be the flame in your heart
If ever you feel cold

We'll search together
Who knows what we'll find
But as for the sadness
Lets leave that behind

Lets search for joy
Lets learn how to live
When we feel anger
Lets learn to forgive

Are you ready for our journey?
Are you ready to fly?
Remember my friend, I will always love u
Until the day I die

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